Axis Directory Membership

Axis Directory membership is designed for artists and makers who want to promote their practice and activities. You'll need to complete an online application to become part of the Directory.

What is the Axis Directory?

The Axis Directory is a listing of selected artists to showcase and share their ideas and talent. Verified by Axisweb, the Axis Directory showcases the breadth of artistic talent connected with the UK, enabling people to find and discover artists.

Who uses the Axis Directory?

A broad range of users including other artists, curators, producers, commissioners, gallerists, architects, town planners, health providers, educators, students, media agencies all wanting to search, reference or source artists to work with or learn more about.

What do I get by being part of the Axis Directory?

  • Profile builder tools
  • Listing alongside other selected artists in the Axis directory
  • Access to promotional tools
  • Considered for features such as Artist of the Month
  • Endorsement and verification by Axisweb
  • Weekly e-bulletin
  • Gain access to our inclusive online community space and connect with other artists and team members. 

For further information about Directory Membership and other Axis memberships go to

How much does Axis Directory Builder Membership cost?

The cost is £1.75 per month or £17.50 per year.

Is there a criteria for Axis Directory Membership?

Yes, we ask artists to demonstrate their skills and record of practice. A good application is evidence based, and may typically highlight:

  • A process of enquiry and reflection;
  • A critical framework;
  • An understanding of current or historical debates and issues within contemporary art practice; 
  • Good technical ability; and realisation of ideas within your chosen area of practice.
  • Strong visual documentation.

What kind of artist do you accept onto the Axis Directory?

Take a look at the Axis Directory you will see a range of practice and activities from object makers, to practice based research, to studio practice, to performance to participatory. Artists are always blurring boundaries and as such we aim to be open in our definition.

Do you have to be based in the UK for Axis Directory Membership?

No, but at the moment we ask that artists can demonstrate a connection with the UK. This could be through study, exhibition, project etc.

What is the selection process for Axis Directory Membership?

Once you submit your application it will be reviewed by the Axisweb team. This normally takes around 7-10 days.

What does the application for Axis Directory Membership involve?

For the application we ask for general information such as where you're based and the activities you undertake. We also ask for the following:

  • A 'support statement' where you can tell us about yourself and your career (this is not published on the website if your application is successful). 150 - 300 words
  • Three examples of your artworks or projects (for each work you can upload between one and four images or other media such as video or audio links).
  • You can also add a brief description about the work.
  • Images should be Jpeg, at least 1000 pixels along the shortest edge and no more than 5MB in size.
  • An 'artist statement' where you can tell us what your work is about. 150 - 300 words
  • A brief CV where you can list any qualifications, exhibitions, residencies etc. No word limit but please keep it brief and only list important information.

You can save the application during certain points and come back and complete it later but it doesn't take that long to complete.

We recommend you prepare your support statement, CV and and artist statement in advance in MS Word or similar and then copy and paste it into the relevant boxes when completing the application.

Need more help with the application? Email [email protected] or phone +44 (0)1924 200502.

Does any change in my profile need approval?

No. Once you have been approved then you have full control over your profile.

What happens if my application for Axis Directory Membership is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to give detailed feedback if you are unsuccessful, but you can re-apply after 12 months. You can still sign up to use the Opportunity Finder and Network Associate Membership.

Do you offer artist insurance?

Yes, you can get artist insurance either as part of Membership Bundle (which includes everything) or through Network Associate Membership.

Is there a minimum term for signing up to Directory membership?

There is no minimum term so you can cancel your membership at any time. If you've set up a Direct Debit to pay for your membership and then cancel this, your membership will remain valid until your next renewal date. Payments by credit or debit cards are not recurring so your membership remains valid until your next renewal date.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your Axisweb membership please email [email protected]

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