The Axis Community

If the last two years have proved anything, it’s the importance of human connection. During this period, probably more than any other time in our 30 year history, Axis has been inviting its members to share their experiences at in-person meet ups, online artist-led events, and hands-on workshops.

Axis has also worked with members, artists and communities through our research project the Social ARTery. These activities have allowed Axis to connect with members and gain valuable insights into what our members would like from an online community.

What we learned:

  • Members want a private community space where they can freely speak about the challenges they face as artists.
  • Members want a space to connect with their peers.
  • Members want access to actionable, practical insights and often look to other artists.

Based on these insights and our values, we have created a private online community space where our members and Axis can share, connect with and support each other. This new community will; enhance what it means to be an Axis member, be inclusive, focused and packed with content that supports artistic practice, wherever you are on your journey.

The Community

As a charity our mission is to support artists by responding to their needs in an ever-changing world.

Our small team of artists, curators, producers and writers are dedicated to creating spaces for this to happen in our activities and developments. We believe that between our members' artists' practices, our programming at Axis and our focus on community building, we can bring our members closer together to collaborate, grow, and share good practice in the visual arts.

Our online community is a unique platform away from social media, designed to encourage connection and engagement.


Attending our community events is a great way to connect and engage with other members, learn new things and get inspired. We host weekly live events at Axis and this November 2022 we are hosting more than 20 events and activities!

Have a look here to see the full event listing and join in!

We have created two calendars of events (public events and community events)

  • Public Events: These events are accessible by non-members who will need to register in order to attend. These can be viewed and registered for here in our Events space.
  • Community Events: These events are accessible by members-only. Members can RSVP for these here in our Community Events space.

Content for our events is based on various topics that inform our programming at Axis, and by our members suggestions. Events allow us to connect as a community. and include Live Q&A’s with Axis Team or visiting artists and curators, Artist Talks, Performances, Collaborations, Wellbeing workshops, Film screenings, Social gatherings and more!

Where appropriate we will offer recordings of live events that can be watched when you have the time.

Show off your work

Share your achievements, work, or progress that is important, or that you are particularly proud of.

What is going well in your artist journey? Where do you need support?

Maybe you want to share an artwork, or project you are working on and describe your goals;

Perhaps a workshop you delivered or took part in taught you new skills and you want to share what you made and what you learned from it.

We know that each artist's journey is different. Everyone has their own starting point, different moments in life that influence and change your process or your direction, and a wide array of outcomes. From small wins to big milestones, each step is important and we want to celebrate them with you.

You can share them in this space and let us know why they were important or special to you.

Monthly Artists In the Community

Each month we will invite an artist to join us in the community with the aim to engage and inspire through live Q&A's, workshops, talks, sharing current projects, collaborations, curating online collections of member's work using the Axis online directory, and by creating downloadable art goodies just for you!

Each artist will be engaging with us every Thursday, in various ways. A member of the Axis team and sometimes the artist also, will be available to answer questions via live sessions in the community during these activities.

Knowledge Base – Videos & Resources

We will share 'How To’ resources focussing on anything from 'how to film artworks with your phone' to 'how to write an artist CV' to ‘risk assessment templates’ and much more..

These resources are exclusive to members of the Axis community.

Members have a space to contribute and share their own useful resources with each other in the ‘Share a Resource’ space.

There is much more to be found in the Axis community, join us here!